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Participate in some market growth, while protecting your savings against any losses. For only 0.09% a year

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Get 79% of the S&P 500 Index's growth

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What's behind the magic?

Benjamin is based upon investing in commonly traded securities such as bonds and stock options. You can replicate much of what we do within a brokerage account yourself.

The strategies underlying Benjamin have been used by sophisticated institutional investors for decades; we simply make it easy for anyone to benefit from the same great idea for a low fee. In addition, we provide the offering as an annuity, which has the advantage of offering tax deferred growth. Benjamin takes no risk to offer this product.

Low Fees & No Commissions

The cost of the Benjamin Annuity is 0.09% per year.

Annuities are notorious for being sold by brokers who push products that pay the highest commissions for themselves. These commissions can be as high as 10% of your savings.

We are using technology to make the sign-up process take minutes so you can start generating returns instead of being sold something you don't need by a broker. That allows us to cut out the broker commissions entirely and pass on the savings to you as higher market participation.

0.09% a year

Benjamin Annuity Fee


Benjamin Annuity Commission

Frequently Asked Questions

Is my money safe?
Yes. Benjamin offers you market upside and no downside by purchasing on your behalf a combination of bonds and options. The bonds ensure that at the end of your term, we will have enough money to return at least your original savings. The options produce market linked upside for you. Benjamin takes no risk to be able to offer this annuity.
What are the fees for this product?
We charge a fee of 0.09% a year
Are there charges for early withdrawal of my savings?
This product is not intended for anyone who needs regular access to their money. If you need to withdraw your money before the term is up, there are NO surrender charges. However, in certain situations where the current market value of the bond and call option we bought on your behalf has changed significantly (perhaps due to changes in interest rates) we would need to impose you a “market value adjustment” to reflect this change in market value - this may either increase or decrease value relative to the current account value.
Who is the Benjamin Annuity not suitable for?
We think the product does not make sense for:
  1. Anyone who needs regular access to their money
  2. Anyone who needs to withdraw money before age 59.5. There is a 10% IRS penalty on gains for annuity withdrawals before this age
  3. Anyone who has not "maxed" out their 401(k)
  4. Anyone solely looking for the maximum possible growth rate of their savings in the market. We think they are better off buying and holding a low cost index fund
Why can't I just replicate the strategy myself?
You can replicate this strategy yourself assuming you are comfortable purchasing bonds and managing an options portfolio. We simply make the process more convenient for a small fee. In addition, since our product is an annuity you get the benefit of tax deferral. If you are currently in a high tax bracket, this can save you significantly on taxes.

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